The Play’s The Thing

A free play writing course

In partnership with Writing On The Wall and The Everyman Theatre and written and facilitated by Kiefer Williams, there are 10 sessions which will look at the process of writing a play from conception to realisation. Writers will be able to work towards delivering a completed script to Grin Theatre with the option of having their work performed on the stage if selected. Participation on the course does not mean plays will be automatically accepted for performance. At the end of the course, each writer will have completed a 30 minute script.

The course includes:

  • Inspirations – looking at what inspiration means to the writer and how to draw inspiration from life and other conceptual forms.
  • The playwright’s toolkit – making a start and the form of the play.
  • Playing with ideas – role playing, and creating real dialogue and real situations including some homework to create a duologue for next session.
  • Continuation from last session – discovery and sharing.
  • Characterisation.
  • The structures of a play – levels, editing, format, relevance and voice, getting ready to write your script including some homework to start plotting your storyboard.
  • Story boarding – discovery and sharing – homework – start writing your script.
  • Scripts – feedback, self-evaluation and going back to the drawing board and drafting.
  • Hearing your characters voice through reading scripts – feedback.
  • Script read through, feedback and sharing. Course evaluation and personal action plan – entry to Grin Theatre for possible performance.

Aim of the course

To create a 30 minute script and explore the varied aspects of script writing.

This is a free course. No prior experience or knowledge of play writing is needed.