Repertory Group

Currently setting out our season for 2017/18, Grin have exciting and evocative plans for our ever increasing audiences and one of these plans is to have a repertory company permanently attached to the company. Why a repertory company?

  • To have a cohesive and structured feel to Grin’s programme
  • To work with actors who are familiar with Grin Theatre
  • To work with trusted and talented artists who have a history with the company

Grin Theatre has always been about team work and forming a repertory company just seems like the natural progression to move forward. The repertory model will ease the need for formal auditions although sometimes auditions will (and have been) necessary for specific roles. So always look out for your chance to audition, we pride ourselves on opportunities. Currently we have 16 local actors who are registered as part of the Grin Theatre Repertory and you can find out about them below.